Growatt Inverter – 3kVA/48V
Growatt Inverter – 3kVA/48V
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Growatt Inverter – 3kVA/48V


Growatt SPF 3000TL HVM series inverter has a pure sine wave output inverter also just for 120VAC power supply system. It is perfect for off-grid, backup power and self-consumption applications.

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Growatt Inverter, – 3kVA/48V (Product Code: SPF3000TLHVM-48), a high-quality and reliable power solution tailored for your specific needs. This inverter from the SPF 3000TL HVM series is designed to meet the demands of 120VAC power supply systems, making it an ideal choice for a variety of applications including off-grid setups, backup power scenarios, and self-consumption systems.

Key Features:

1. Pure Sine Wave Output: The Growatt Inverter ensures a pure sine wave output, guaranteeing stable and clean electricity. This feature is crucial for safely powering sensitive electronic devices without any risk of damage.

2. High Capacity: With a robust 3kVA (3000VA) power rating, this inverter can handle substantial loads, providing ample electricity for your home or project.

3. 48V DC Input: Operating at a 48V DC input voltage, the Growatt Inverter efficiently converts stored energy into usable AC power, maximizing energy utilization in your setup.


– Off-Grid Systems: Take your power generation off the grid with confidence. This inverter is well-suited for remote locations or areas with unreliable grid access, offering a consistent and dependable power source.

– Backup Power: Ensure that your critical appliances and systems remain operational during power outages. The Growatt Inverter provides seamless transition to backup power when the grid fails.

– Self-Consumption: Optimize your energy consumption and reduce electricity costs by harnessing and utilizing your own generated power efficiently.

The Growatt Inverter – 3kVA/48V is your solution for a stable, clean, and efficient power supply system. Whether you’re seeking energy independence off the grid, backup power for peace of mind, or efficient self-consumption of renewable energy, this inverter has you covered. Trust in Growatt’s reputation for quality and performance to meet your power needs effectively.

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