Growatt Inverter – 5kVA 48V (SPF 5000 ES)
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Growatt Inverter – 5kVA 48V (SPF 5000 ES)


The Growatt SPF5000 ES is a multifunctional and remarkable hybrid inverter with an extended PV array (6000W) and input voltage (450VDC). It is integrated with an MPPT solar charge controller and works with or without batteries.

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Growatt Inverter – 5kVA 48V (Product Code: SPF5000ES), a cutting-edge and versatile solution for your solar power needs. This remarkable hybrid inverter is engineered to deliver outstanding performance and adaptability, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of solar energy applications.

Hybrid Efficiency: The Growatt SPF5000 ES is designed as a hybrid inverter, meaning it seamlessly integrates with both your solar panels and batteries. Whether you’re interested in a grid-tied system with battery backup, off-grid energy independence, or maximizing self-consumption, this inverter has you covered.

Ample Solar Power: With the capability to harness an extended PV array boasting an impressive 6000W capacity, you can effortlessly tap into the power of the sun to generate electricity for your home or business. This robust capacity enables you to connect a substantial number of solar panels to capture sunlight efficiently.

High Input Voltage: The Growatt SPF5000 ES boasts an input voltage capacity of up to 450VDC, reducing the need for additional components such as string inverters. This feature enhances the overall efficiency of your solar power system and streamlines the installation process.

Remote Monitoring: Stay connected and informed about your solar system’s performance with the Growatt remote monitoring feature. Using a dedicated mobile app, you can effortlessly track vital metrics such as solar production, battery usage, and power supply. This real-time insight allows you to optimize your energy usage and ensure your system operates at its peak potential.

Global Recognition: Growatt is globally recognized as one of the top inverter producers in the world, according to IHS Market. When you choose the Growatt Inverter – 5kVA 48V, you’re investing in a product from a trusted industry leader known for its commitment to quality and innovation.

Whether you’re embarking on a new solar energy journey or seeking to enhance an existing system, the Growatt Inverter – 5kVA 48V is your partner for efficient, reliable, and eco-friendly power generation. Harness the sun’s energy like never before with this exceptional hybrid inverter.

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