Hisense Floor Standing AC 3.0HP Inverter
Hisense Floor Standing AC 3.0HP Inverter
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Hisense Floor Standing AC 3.0HP Inverter


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Hisense Floor Standing AC 3.0 HP Inverter is a powerful and efficient air conditioning system designed to provide exceptional cooling and energy-saving capabilities. With a host of impressive features, this unit is a perfect choice for both residential and commercial spaces. Let’s delve into its key specifications and benefits:

Energy Efficiency: This Hisense floor-standing AC is engineered to be highly energy-efficient. It helps you save on your electricity bills while keeping your space comfortably cool. The inverter technology ensures that the system operates at variable speeds, adapting to cooling demands, and minimizing power consumption.

Lower Carbon Emissions: By using R410A refrigerant, which has a relatively low global warming potential, this AC system contributes to lower carbon emissions compared to older refrigerants. It’s an environmentally conscious choice for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Faster Cooling: With its 3.0 HP (Horsepower) capacity, this unit delivers rapid and efficient cooling, even in larger rooms or open spaces. You’ll experience quick relief from the heat, creating a comfortable environment in no time.

Extended Airflow: The Hisense Floor Standing AC boasts an impressive 18-meter airflow range, ensuring that cool air is distributed evenly throughout the room. This extended reach is ideal for spaces with challenging layouts or larger areas.

Hi-Amp Control: The system’s hi-amp control feature allows for precise management of the power supply, ensuring stable and reliable performance. It protects the unit from voltage fluctuations, extending its lifespan.

Economical: This AC unit offers both economic benefits through energy savings and competitive pricing. It provides a cost-effective solution for maintaining a comfortable indoor climate.


  • Indoor Air Flow: 1050/950/850 M3/H (high, medium, or low settings)
  • Indoor Noise Level: 46/42/39 dBA (High/Medium/Low settings)
  • Indoor Unit Dimension: 500×1760×280 mm
  • Compressor Rated Current (RLA): 7.25
  • Outdoor Unit Dimension: 860×670×310 mm
  • Refrigerant Type/Quantity: R410A 1.25 kg

With its efficient cooling, energy-saving features, and environmentally friendly refrigerant, the Hisense Floor Standing AC 3.0 HP Inverter is a reliable and responsible choice for achieving a comfortable indoor environment while minimizing energy costs and carbon emissions. Its robust specifications and user-friendly design make it a valuable addition to any space.

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