Haier Thermocool (3G+1E) Gas Cooker OGDC-6831 INOX


  • Energy Saving Oven Insulation
  • Dual Oven (Electric & Gas)
  • Double Safety Knobs
  • Twelve (12) Months Product Warranty
  • High-Grade Stainless Steel Materials


Estimated delivery between 2021/10/28 - 2021/10/29
energy saving oven 200x200

Energy Saving Oven Insulation

The cooker oven is insulated with superior and high-quality insulation materials, which prevents heat loss from the sides of the oven in order to get food bakes quickly and save time and gas usage. This technology also delivers a secondary advantage of Cool Oven body when the cooker is in use to prevent burns when user or child mistakenly touch the body while in use.


Double Oven (Gas & Electric)

This mid-size Standing Cooker oven offers the user complete and full benefit anyone can get from a standing Cooker oven. It delivers instant and precise heat through the electric oven at the top, and the user can switch to either the Gas or the Electric oven if for any reason the other cannot be used. For example, the user can switch to an electric oven if the Gas finishes in the middle of Baking with the Gas oven. The coolest befit of this dual oven cooker is that users can decide to use both the electric and the gas oven simultaneously in order to save time when preparing great meals.

double safety knobs 200x200

Double safety Knob

TEC cookers use unique Double Safety Standard knobs with engraved indication marks to tell when Cooker is turned on especially when not intended. The knobs also require the user to push in knobs and twist before igniting burners, being a child lock and safety measure.

12 months warranty 200x200

Twelve (12) Months Product Warranty

All TEC Cookers rage of Cookers comes with a year warranty. However, some parts not covered by warranty has been indicated in the user manuals of each model.

304 grade stainless 200x200

High-Grade Stainless Steel Components

TEC Cookers are built with high grade 304 stainless steel quality material, which is most suitable for making home appliances, in order for the appliance to withstand tough usage and be highly resistant to any form of corrosion that may arise due to the impact of high heat.

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