Haier Thermocool Energy Split Air Conditioner GenPal 2HP


  • 70% Energy Savings
  • 47% Faster Cooling With Turbo
  • Generator Friendly
  • Low Voltage
  • 15M Long Air Throw


Estimated delivery between 2021/10/28 - 2021/10/29

Haier Thermocool is making life comfortable with our innovative range of GenPAL Inverter Air Conditioners, which are designed to Save upto 70% energy consumption with 47% faster and better cooling. Thus, user can Power multiple GENPAL Air conditioners at once, while still saves on Electricity consumption and Generator size requirement.

70% Energy Savings

GenPAL Inverter Technology helps deliver substantial
energy savings up to 70% of your consumption
thereby cutting down the cost of electricity bills.

47% Faster Cooling With Turbo

Enjoy the ultimate and faster cooling experience with the
Turbo function that saves time & allows the motor run at a
higher frequency in reaching the set temperature.

Generator Friendly

With the press of the “GenMode” button, GenPAL Inverter can run conveniently on generators, even on a small generator. It simply enables you to take control of your consumption on your generator

Low Voltage

With the optimised compressor, this series can conveniently start-up and run at voltage as low as 175V.

15M Long Air Throw

Enjoy the perfect temperature in your largest room with the GenPAL Series, which has a specially designed cross-flow fan and optimized air duct, allowing cool air to reacha s far as 15 metres.



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