Haier Thermocool Medium Upright Freezer 250 R6 WHT


  • 252 Litre storage capacity
  • Large capacity for ice making
  • Double wire layer evaporator
  • Strong tray for loading
  • 100-hours (4 days) freezing capacity after power interruption


Estimated delivery between 2021/10/28 - 2021/10/29

Haier Thermocool Medium Upright Freezer 250 R6 WHT with model HT FREEZER UPRIGHT MED 250 R6 WHT

It has a 252 Litre storage capacity. It is an upright direct cool freezer.

It utilizes its big evaporator for rapid and uniform cooling by making use of the direct cooling technology. This way perishables can be kept in the refrigerator under a stable power supply without fear of them becoming rotten.

Haier Thermocool Upright Freezer Ice Master HF 250 produces frost within the space of 4 to 6 hours of working under a stable voltage. The unit can work from 160V to 260V. This is made possible by oil cooling.

Oil cooling is a method of using oil to depress compressor temperature and ensures that the unit works from 160V to 260V, giving you great value for your money.

This refrigerator unit comes with improved insulation technology, meaning thinner walls that translates into greater interior capacity as well as improved energy efficiency.

The fully tropicalized compressor works perfectly well in humid weather too, especially in this part of the world. Its glass shelving is made with tampered glass and is spill proof. This reduces the risk of spilled liquid within the refrigerator dripping to the floor.

Convenient lock and key to secure stored food items is a must have in every refrigerator, and Haier Thermocool Upright Freezer Ice Master HF 250  is not left out.

Upon purchase of this unit, it MUST come packaged with a user manual, a warranty card and a rating label. The general warranty is for a year while the cabinets and compressor comes with a 3year warranty.

Haier Thermocool products have been trusted for over 40years which gives customers enough reason to be at peace with themselves and their pockets when buying this product.

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