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4 Tips To Identify Original Sumec Firman Generator

Firman Generator

Fake Sumec Firman Generators are everywhere, not just with the brand. but with so many, but to ensure you are buying the original Sumec Firman Generator, the company has put in place some anti-fake indicators across the various parts & bodies of the products, as well as some tips you can leverage to differentiate the original from a fake.

Here is How To Identify the Original Sumec Firman Generator

1. Firman Has Only Three (3) Brand Name: “SUMEC” “FIRMAN” & “SUMEC FIRMAN

SUMEC original generator manufacturing factory ONLY produces and SELLS three brands name in Nigeria, namely: “SUMEC” “FIRMAN” & “SUMEC FIRMAN”.Beware, any Sumec Firman generator that does not carry any of these brand names is not genuine.

2. The Name “FIRMAN” is Boldly Engraved On The Body & Part

The name “FIRMAN” is boldly engraved on the Fuel Tank, AVR, Air Filter, Engine Block, Alternator Rear Frame, Carburetor, Cylinder head cover, and Muffler. Note how the “F” in the name “is written with a dot used as its middle piece rather than a short horizontal line. Don’t buy if you notice any slight change in the brand name as the fake Sumec Firman brand logo might be misspelled to deceive potential clients. If you are buying a Firman generator or any spare part and the anti-counterfeiting engrave label is missing, don’t buy, or better still, inquire here to confirm if the Anti-fake sticker is real from Firman.

3. 100% Copper Coil

Sumec Firman generators come inbuilt with 100% copper coil and if otherwise, just simply walk away, it is fake. To test if it’s copper, simply place a magnet on the surface of the coil, if the magnet attracts, then, it is not copper, as copper isn’t magnetic.

4. Anti Fake Sticker

Original Sumec Firman Generator comes with 16 digits scratch-able sticker. You can confirm the authenticity of the part by simply entering it here or via

Note that, if the anti-counterfeiting coating is scratched off or the anti-counterfeiting label is missing, do not buy the product.

Advantages of Using Sumec Firman Generator

Affordable: Firman is one of the most affordable generators in Nigeria with a variety of models to choose from depending on your needs.

Durable: Firman generators are durable and rugged; they are also known to last longer.Powerful Design and Rugged

Build: Firman generators are designed using Firman precision technology to provide surprisingly reliable and beautiful-looking generators.

Low fuel consumption: Firman comes with an auto-throttle feature that adjusts based on power demand and this helps with fuel efficiency.

Inbuilt AVR – Sumec Firman Generator features an Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR), which ensures that voltage output and frequency are stable, thereby preventing voltage fluctuation, which can cause problems for your gadgets.

Disadvantages of Using Sumec Firman Generator

Heavy – Although this generator is portable, you need to apply some effort in moving it from one place to another. However, its weight could be attributed to useful parts bundled for better performance.

Where To Buy Original Sumec Firman GeneratorYou can buy Sumec Firman Generators online you can buy original Sumec Firman generators from the likes of Abizot.

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