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5 Key Things to Consider Before Buying Elepaq Generators

When buying an Elepaq generator, it is advisable to consider the followings:

Generator power ratings are in KVA (kilo-volt-ampere ) or VA or W.

A generator with a 1.5KVA could power up a small house with few appliances.

You would need one with a higher power rating to power a factory or business center.

When settling for a model, it is important to buy one which has a higher power rating than what you require, to prevent exceeding the power rating limit.

1) Wattage requirements

If all you need to power are just your electric bulbs, TV set, DVD player, decoder, and phone charger, then you’d be okay with a 1KVA to 1.5KVA generator. However, if you need to power high-wattage appliances, such as a refrigerator, an air conditioner, or a washing machine, you will need an elepaq generator of 3KVA or more.

2) Start Method

Elepaq has 3 main starting methods.

  • The traditional method of recoil starter (rope).
  • Key Starter/Button. This usually involves the use of a key/button to power the generator as found in most latest generators.
  • Remote Control. This is highly recommended, however, could be expensive. Generally, they are easier to use

Note: Most of the latest Elepaq generators, especially those with a high price tag, come with these 3 starting methods.

3) Engine Oil

Even though most engine oils would work just the same, it is advisable to check the recommended engine oil for your generator brand as part of maintenance.

Sometimes the engine oil might be expensive, but using a cheaper one could lead to damage to your generator engine, which will cost you more to repair than buying the recommended engine oil.

4) Fuel efficiency

It’s only intuitive for you to go for a generator that uses fuel efficiently, since fuel itself costs money. Although the amount of fuel a generator uses hinges largely on the wattage load on it, it also depends on the size. Elepaq generators generally are reputable for fuel efficiency.

5) Noise reduction

Although all generators produce some sound, some generators have mufflers that help reduce the noise. You may want to go for these if you live in a small neighborhood or an apartment complex, so your neighbors won’t use swear words each time they hear that you’ve powered your generator.

Safety Measure to apply Using Elepaq Generator

  • Operate it outdoors in an area with plenty of ventilation. Never run a generator in a home or garage. Generators give off deadly carbon monoxide.
  • Do not plug a generator into the wall to avoid back feed. Use heavy-duty extension cords to connect appliances to the outlets on the generator.
  • Turn the generator on before plugging appliances into it. Once the generator is running, turn your appliances and lights on one at a time to avoid overloading the unit. Remember, generators are for temporary usage; prioritize your needs.
  • Generators pose electrical risks, especially when operated in wet conditions. Use a generator only when necessary when the weather creates wet or moist conditions, or better still, protect the generator by operating it under an open, canopy-like structure on a dry surface where water cannot form puddles or drain under it.
  • Always ensure your hands are dry before touching the generator
  • Be sure the generator is turned off and cool before fueling it.
  • Keep children and pets away from portable generators. Many generator components are hot enough to burn you during operation.

How To Care And Maintain Elepaq Generator

Like any combustion engine, a generator requires a bit of maintenance from time to time.

Though small-engine mechanics/generator repairers and official dealers in most areas can perform basic services for reasonable fees, common tasks are generally doable even for a mechanical novice.

Changing the oil on a generator is pretty simple, and you should do it either every six months or every 100 hours once you’ve broken in the engine.

Elepaq generator manufacturers recommend changing the oil before long periods of storage, as well.

Note: the easiest way to use a generator is to set it up outside and run an extension cord or two into the room where you need power; you should never run a generator indoors or in an enclosed space.

A backup generator for your home is a great investment not only for your family’s comfort and safety but also for the growth of your business. Don’t get caught off-guard the next time your power goes out.


If you need a power supply generator, you can’t go wrong with Elepaq Generator.

They are simple to use and easy to wheel into position outside the house and plug into a transfer switch. Or better still, connected to electrical loads via heavy-duty extension cords.

They are also cost-effective generators suitable for homes or small businesses.

It comes with adjustable features to suit various needs.

It consumes low fuel and its parts are not so expensive when it comes down to maintenance and fixing.

Indeed, Elepaq generator worth given a try.

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