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2HP Low voltage..

Haier Thermocool Tundra Air Conditioner is the first of its kind in Nigeria and it is the perfect definition of “Small but mighty”. Its advanced condenser technology optimizes cooling and energy efficiency so you can enjoy the best while relaxing at home or working in the office. Low Voltage With the optimised compressor, this series can conveniently start-up and run at voltage as low as 175V. 15M Long Air Throw Enjoy the perfect temperature in your largest room with the GenPAL Series, which has a specially designed cross-flow fan and optimized air duct, allowing cool air to reacha s far as 15 metres. 100% Grooved Copper This AC is made out of 100% Copper. What this means is that if you own one of these, you’re owning an easily maintained AC built to last with reliable strength and good heat transfer. Quiet Design Air outlet area and inlet area is enlarged by 17% to increase the airflow and reduce the noise level.

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