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We are glad to announce our partnership with Carbon Zero to allow our esteemed customers to pay in installments rather than paying 100% at the point of purchase. To use this service, kindly follow the steps below, or you can call Carbon Zero at 08149205107 for additional support.

All you need is a registered Carbon account on the Carbon app and your Carbon debit card and you’re good to go!

Don’t have a Carbon account?

Follow these steps!👇🏽

1. Download the Carbon App.

2. Sign up and request a Carbon debit card.

3. Activate your Carbon card on the Carbon app.

4. You will receive an automatic N30K spend limit.

5. Open your Carbon App and tap on “Split Purchase” or “Carbon Zero.”

6. Tap on start “New Purchase” and Type the total exact amount of the purchase.

7. Choose between a weekly or monthly payment plan. (You will be charged a one-time 5% service charge for your purchase)

8. Tap “Continue” and Make a 25% downpayment of the item from your Carbon account.

Now watch your Carbon card and do the rest!

✓ Your Carbon card will be credited with the total amount of the purchased item you will like to pay for.

✓ Use your Carbon card to complete the transaction online or offline.

✓ If you are paying with PoS, choose “Current Account” as your default account type.

Please note: If you are unable to finalize your transaction within 24 hours, your transaction will be canceled and your down payment will be refunded.

Watch this video for a step-by-step guide on how to use Carbon Zero on the app:

How to Split Payments With Your Carbon Pink Passport

For further inquiries, you can reach Carbon on 08149205107 on weekdays from 9am to 5pm.


  1. Ferdinard Ugwu

    I need generator

    1. Hi, you can buy a generator on Abizot with carbon and pay in four months.
      If you need further assistance you can contact us Via WhatsApp 07081457452

      1. how much is fridge single door

        1. Kindly Visit to check out the available
          single door fridges we have.

  2. Rufus

    I need galaxy a13

    1. Olawunmi olamide popoola

      I need generator and smart tv 32inch

      1. Kindly Visit to check out the available

        Generator and Smart Tv 32-inch TV we have available.

    2. Kindly Visit to check out
      The current price of Samsung galaxy A13

  3. josephfriday473

    I need itel 360

    1. Kindly Visit to check out
      The current price of our itel phones.

  4. Praise

    I really don’t think BVN should be requested for or provided… Fraudulent act can be done if it falls into the wrong hands. BVN is private

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