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Washing Machines

Do not buy a washing machine without reading this

Washing machines are an essential home appliance for busy families. But when it comes to buying a washing machine, you need to make sure you’ve done your homework. With so many models available, knowing what to look for when buying a washing machine can be difficult.

This washing machine buying guide will help you make the best decision, so that you know you’re getting the right type of washing machine to suit your needs and budget.

Types of Washing Machine

1) Fully automatic washing machines; as the name suggest, it complete the laundry process from start to finish, at the touch of a button. You don’t need to manually transfer your laundry into a separate dryer, so these machines make washing your clothes much simpler. In fact, once you’ve filled the drum, added the soap, and chosen your wash cycle, you only need to take your laundry out once it’s cleaned.

2) Semi-automatic washing machines; require more manual work. These models usually contain two separate tubs; one for washing, and one for drying. You’ll need to fill the water, add the soap, drain the dirty water, unload your wet laundry and put it in the dryer. Although this can be more time consuming, semi-automatic models are energy efficient, because they use less water and electricity.

3) Top load washing machines; are more traditional types and are a good option for those who have a separate utility room in their home. Because you load these at the top – and therefore don’t need to bend over to fill the drum – they’re a better option for anyone with mobility issues. These machines are usually cheaper to buy than front-loading types too. Generally, these models are larger in size; if space isn’t an issue, or if you have a bigger family, consider a top-loading machine.

4) Front Load Washing Machines ; When using a front-loading washing machine, your laundry goes into the drum at the front of the machine, rather than through the top. These types are becoming extremely popular, offering a variety of wash programs and good cleaning capabilities. Usually, they use less water and are gentler on the clothes too. Front load washing machines can be fitted neatly under worktops in kitchens or utility areas, making them look part of the design at best or inconspicuous at worst.

10 Features to look out for when buying a new washing machine

i, Drum sizes
Washing machines are more effective and energy efficient when full, so it’s worth thinking about how much washing you’ll be doing at one time

ii, Spin speed
The faster the spin, the more water is removed, and clothes don’t have to be in a tumble dryer or out on a washing line for as long.

iii, Energy efficiency
To see how economical and efficient your new washing machine will be, look at its energy rating.

iv, RPM
The higher the RPM, the faster it rotates to remove water from clothes. It is especially useful during monsoon season.

v, Fuzzy logic
This feature automatically manages wash cycle, water temperature, spin and rinse speed.

vi, Quick wash
It gives one the option to wash their laundry quickly. Depending on the machine, it can wash and dry clothes in 15 to 30 minutes.

vii, Bubble wash
Bubbles produced help to go deeper into the fabric for a better quality wash

viii, Temperature control
Most machines have 3 temperature options for washing. Cold: For fabrics that are delicate, Warm: for everyday wash and Hot: Hot wash for hard stains

ix, LCD/LED Display
Some machines come equipped with displays that convey information such as time left till cycle completion and washing stage.

x, Time delay
Time delay is a great feature for those who want to customise their washing time. It helps delay washing up to 0 to 24 hours

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