Hisense 1.5HP Split Super Cooling Air Conditioner
Hisense 1.5HP Split Super Cooling Air Conditioner
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Hisense 1.5HP Split Super Cooling Air Conditioner


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  • 1.5 
  • R22 GAS
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Hisense 1.5HP Split Super Cooling Air Conditioner, a remarkable cooling solution designed to provide unparalleled comfort and reliability. This air conditioner is built with the highest standards, ensuring a durable and efficient cooling experience for your space.

Equipped with a powerful 1.5HP capacity, this air conditioner is perfect for medium-sized rooms, delivering an impressive cooling performance that will keep you refreshed even during the hottest days. The copper condenser, known for its superior heat transfer capabilities, guarantees optimal efficiency and long-lasting durability.

With its split unit design, the Hisense 1.5HP air conditioner ensures efficient cooling without compromising on aesthetics. The indoor unit blends seamlessly with your interior, while the outdoor unit efficiently dissipates heat, creating a harmonious cooling experience throughout your space.

Say goodbye to worries about corrosion and rust, thanks to the anti-corrosive gold fin coating on the condenser and cabinet. This protective layer enhances the lifespan of the unit, ensuring that you enjoy cool, refreshing air for years to come.

The Hisense 1.5HP Split Super Cooling Air Conditioner also incorporates a triple protect system, safeguarding the compressor from power surges and fluctuations with its built-in voltage stabilizer. This innovative feature ensures a stable and reliable operation, extending the lifespan of your air conditioner.

To top it all off, the Hisense 1.5HP Split Super Cooling Air Conditioner comes with a 1-year warranty, providing you with peace of mind and excellent after-sales support.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the outstanding cooling performance and reliability of the Hisense 1.5HP Split Super Cooling Air Conditioner. Shop now at Abizot store or call 07081457452 to make this smart choice for your cooling needs. Upgrade your comfort today with Hisense!

Be assured you are buying a durable and reliable Air Conditioner. Its Triple Protect System prevents your unit’s compressor from being overloaded by power surges and fluctuating electric currents via a built-in voltage stabilizer. It also has an anti-corrosive coating that stops the condenser and cabinet from rusting. Additionally, its larger condenser and optimized refrigerant flow mean it can endure extremely hot temperatures.

Selecting the right air conditioner can be a daunting task. So we made sure every Hisense air conditioner is
built with the highest standards, making any choice you make a smart choice.

Hisense Split Unit 1.5HP Super Cooling Air-Conditioner is designed to provide great energy saving, high cooling performance and greater comfort. The air conditioning units also have increased efficiency as compared to other split air conditioners.

Hisense is a superior brand in the electronics and home appliances market in Nigeria. Over time, Hisense has carved a niche for itself in the highly, dynamic and competitive electronics and home appliances market environment through a combination of its superior quality and affordability. The Hisense range is supported by sales & service centres and a 1 year warranty. Their philosophy is to ensure that all Hisense products are reliable, innovative and affordable. Sponsored products related to this item

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