Scanfrost 8Kg Washer + 6Kg Dryer Laundry with Inverter motorScanfrost
Scanfrost 8Kg Washer + 6Kg Dryer Laundry with Inverter motorScanfrost
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Scanfrost 8Kg Washer + 6Kg Dryer Laundry with Inverter motorScanfrost


Elegant Knob – Non slip & anti fingerprints pattern
480mm Wide door – easily take out the laundry and check the washing process
3 sec display of Time / Max load & speed of wash for a quick and easy glance
Spacare feature – ensures removal of 99.99% of bacteria
Special wool program ensures no shrinkage of fabric
Improved hygiene with inner drum maintaining same temperate after 30 minutes of wash for effective drying
Heat Pump Drying feature – makes clothes more fluffy
Two machines for the price of 1 – wash + dry !
Ergo Design – low angle panel ,easier to see & use
2 Year Warranty

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Scanfrost 8Kg Washer + 6Kg Dryer Laundry with Inverter Motor – The Ultimate Laundry Solution with Efficiency and Elegance!

Revolutionize your laundry routine with the Scanfrost 8Kg Washer + 6Kg Dryer Laundry, featuring an innovative inverter motor for exceptional performance and a range of intelligent features that redefine convenience and elegance.

Key Features:

🌟 Two-in-One Laundry Powerhouse: Experience the best of both worlds with a combined washer and dryer, offering a total laundry solution in a single machine.

🔄 Inverter Motor for Effortless Performance: Benefit from an inverter motor that ensures smooth and efficient operation, enhancing the overall performance and longevity of the laundry machine.

🌹 Elegant Knob Design with Non-Slip & Anti-Fingerprint Pattern: The elegant knob design not only adds a touch of sophistication but also provides a non-slip and anti-fingerprint surface for a clean and stylish appearance.

🚪 480mm Wide Door for Easy Access: Enjoy easy access to your laundry and monitor the washing process through the 480mm wide door. It’s designed for both convenience and a quick glance at the washing progress.

3-Second Display of Time, Max Load, and Wash Speed: Stay informed with a quick and easy glance at the 3-second display, providing essential information such as time, maximum load, and wash speed.

🦠 Spacare Feature for Hygienic Results: Ensure the removal of 99.99% of bacteria with the Spacare feature, maintaining a high standard of hygiene for your laundry.

🐑 Special Wool Program for Fabric Protection: The special wool program guarantees no shrinkage of fabrics, ensuring that your delicate garments receive the care they deserve.

🌡️ Improved Hygiene with Inner Drum Temperature Maintenance: Enjoy enhanced hygiene with the inner drum maintaining the same temperature after 30 minutes of wash, promoting effective drying and preventing bacterial growth.

🌬️ Heat Pump Drying for Fluffy Clothes: Achieve irresistibly fluffy clothes with the Heat Pump Drying feature, adding an extra layer of comfort to your laundry.

💡 Ergo Design with Low Angle Panel: Experience user-friendly convenience with the ergo design featuring a low-angle panel, making it easier to see and use the machine.

🛡️ 2-Year Warranty: Rest easy with a 2-year warranty, showcasing Scanfrost’s commitment to the durability and reliability of their Washer + Dryer Laundry.

Upgrade your laundry experience with the Scanfrost 8Kg Washer + 6Kg Dryer Laundry with Inverter Motor – where efficiency, elegance, and innovation converge for unparalleled laundry results.

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