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Zealot S67 vs. S78 Bluetooth Speaker

Zealot S67 vs S78 Bluetooth Speaker

In the world of portable audio, Zealot has carved a niche for itself with its lineup of powerful and feature-packed Bluetooth speakers. Today, we dive into the realm of the Zealot S67 and S78, two titans in the wireless speaker domain, to uncover the nuances that set them apart.

Design and Portability

The Zealot S67 boasts a sleek design with an exclusive arrangement of two woofers and one tweeter, delivering a staggering 75W of power. The DSP chip enhances the bass stereo effect, creating a crazy and shocking auditory experience. The dual pairing function mimics the ambiance of a live concert, making it a perfect companion for music enthusiasts.

On the other hand, the Zealot S78 takes portability to the next level with a cylindrical shape reminiscent of a music barrel. It packs a whopping 100W of power, thanks to the custom 2 woofers and 1 tweeter, complemented by a DSP chip for top-notch bass stereo effects. The inclusion of a shoulder strap makes it easy to carry, and with dimensions of 410 x 167 x 185mm, it strikes a balance between power and portability.

Battery Life

When it comes to powering your musical escapades, the Zealot S67 features a substantial 14,400mAh battery, ensuring up to 20 hours of playtime at the lowest volume. This makes it an ideal companion for camping trips, backyard parties, or leisurely beach days.

The Zealot S78, however, takes the crown with an impressive 24,000mAh built-in battery. This powerhouse can keep the beats pumping for an astonishing 50 hours of playback time. Moreover, it doubles as a power bank, allowing you to charge your mobile devices on the go.

Sound Quality

Both the Zealot S67 and S78 pride themselves on delivering extraordinary sound quality. The S67, with its 75W output, provides a professional tuning experience with three special sound effects. The EQ button allows users to tailor the audio output to their preferences, whether they crave clear voices or a more explosive bass effect.

The S78, with its 100W output, takes the audio game to the next level. Featuring 1.75W bass and dual pairing functionality, this speaker achieves an incredible 100W output. The DSP chip ensures a top-of-the-line bass stereo effect that is both crazy and shocking. The three sound modes cater to varied listening preferences, making it a versatile option for audiophiles.

Connectivity and Compatibility

In the realm of wireless connectivity, the Zealot S67 features Bluetooth 5.2 technology, providing a stable and fast connection up to 100 feet without distortion. It also supports multiple input sources, including TF cards, AUX, U-disk, and more. With an IPX6 waterproof rating, a hard shell, and a removable strap, it seamlessly transitions between indoor and outdoor activities.

The Zealot S78 matches its counterpart with Bluetooth 5.2 technology, ensuring a reliable connection within a 100-foot range. Additionally, it incorporates a built-in noise-canceling microphone for clear, hands-free calls. Supporting AUX-in, TF card, and U-disk music playback, the S78 offers a versatile range of options for your audio sources.

Additional Features

The Zealot S67 doesn’t just stop at audio. It goes the extra mile with dynamic light modes, adding a visual dimension to your listening experience. The portable design caters to active individuals on the go, making it an ideal companion for various indoor and outdoor activities.

The Zealot S78, not to be outdone, boasts RGB lights, adding a vibrant and dynamic visual element to your music sessions. The inclusion of Type-A and Type-C dual USB power supply interfaces further enhances its utility, allowing you to charge your mobile devices conveniently.


In the clash of titans between the Zealot S67 and S78, the choice ultimately depends on your specific preferences and needs. If you’re looking for a balance between power and portability with a focus on visual aesthetics, the S67 might be the ideal pick. On the other hand, if you’re an audiophile seeking uncompromising sound quality, extended battery life, and additional features, the S78 stands as a formidable contender.

Both speakers showcase Zealot’s commitment to delivering high-quality audio experiences with cutting-edge technology. Whether you’re gearing up for a beach party, a camping trip, or simply enjoying music at home, the Zealot S67 and S78 are poised to elevate your auditory journey. Whichever you choose, you’re in for a treat—a treat of immersive, powerful, and crystal-clear sound.

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