SMAAT 72 X 72 Inches Tripod Projector Screen
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SMAAT 72 X 72 Inches Tripod Projector Screen


  • Tripod projection screen with a tripod stand for easy set-up
  • Portable screen for on-the-go presentations
  • Set it up on its stand for your presentation and dismantle when you’re done
  • 96 x 96 inch square type projection screen
  • Matte white quality fabric for high-impact display
  • White metal casing to house and protect the screen
  • Contrast-enhancing black edge trimming
  • Quality components for durability
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72 x 72 Inches Tripod Projection Screen

This tripod projector screen has a tripod stand to mount it at whatever venue you have a presentation. Designed to be easy to take about and quick to deploy, you will enjoy hassle-free presentations with this portable tripod projection screen.

This is a durable, portable, easy to set up tripod projector screen for on-the-go presentations. When you need a projector screen that’s there to beam your presentations to your audience wherever your activity takes you, this 96 x 96 inch projection screen is all you need. Built in durable components and finished in quality matte white display surface, you’ll get the sharp display you desire.

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The durable casing ensures its protection. while the solid stand ensures you will keep using this tripod projector screen for years to come

For your complete presentation toolkit for high-impact presentations, you need a projector screen. Projector screens are the ideal display surface for the best pictures from your projector.

Not that you can’t project to the wall! You can, more as a cost-saving measure, but don’t expect the same quality of display as from a projector screen. Screens are specially made to deliver the best possible pictures. With optical coatings that ensure better reflection of images, projector screens deliver more contrast and colour saturation and definitely sharper, more brilliant images. With wall projection, the resultant image will fall short of the performance level your projector is capable of. Besides, your wall will hardly be perfectly smooth, which can show in the pictures and the paint you use may also add to quality deterioration. So, something gives when you opt to go without a projector screen.

In case you are not sure what a projector screen is, the projector screen is a display surface to which a projector projects (“shoots”) its image. That way, what is shown by the projector displays on the screen, where it can be viewed. Screens are mostly white, but can be gray, in colour. They are made of suitable fabric, stretched into a frame. There are differences in design, size and what is called aspect ratio, to meet the specific demands of different presentation settings.

If you decide to include a projection screen in your presentation toolkit shopping list, you need to know what projector screen options you have and what each one can do for you. Projector screens can really last long, so they represent a good investment, whether for home entertainment or business and other presentations. Just ensure you buy from a reputable and reliable source and that you get one that best suits your purpose. Now, let’s begin to explore the types and sizes of projector screens and how best to use each.

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5 reviews for SMAAT 72 X 72 Inches Tripod Projector Screen

  1. Alimi (verified owner)

    Paired with a projector, it creates a nice home theater. The screen is bright, and large and has plenty of hardware to help place it on the wall.

  2. Abua (verified owner)

    Great for the outdoors at night. The sticky clips were stronger. But overall very, please

  3. Lucas (verified owner)

    Works pretty well for the cost. Not quite as reflective as more expensive options, but as a cost-effective option this is a good choice.

  4. Lucas (verified owner)

    Good portable screen.

  5. Matthew (verified owner)

    Nice size, great price! Portable and easy to install anywhere.

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